Using Reminders and Recalls to Make Sure Things Aren't Forgotten

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Reminders and recalls are both ways of making sure that something gets followed up on. Often you can use either, but they are slightly different:

If what you want to remember is associated with a particular job or person: Use a recall; the recall option takes you to a list of jobs or people with the corresponding information panels. For example, if you need to follow up on a collections issue for an invoice, a recall would get you right back to the job so you could make additional notes if needed.

If what you want to remember isn't associated with a particular job or person: Use a reminder. For example, if you wanted to remind someone to take the truck in for servicing, you might use a reminder. (Or you might use a task for this.)

If you want the message to occur at a specific time: Use a reminder; a recall is only associated with a date; the reminder pops up at the time you choose. If you need to not only call someone, but call them at exactly 2:00, a reminder is what you need. (However, if you also want a recall to provide a link to the corresponding information panels, you can add a recall and indicate that you also want a reminder.)

If you want the message to regularly repeat: Use a reminder. For example, if you wanted to be reminded of something for several days or weeks in a row, you can do this with the reminder.

Setting Up a Recall


Go to the job or customer to have brought to your attention.


On the information panel for that job or person, double click the ^ Recall entry.

If this entry isn't on your information panel, you can customize the panel to include it.


Enter the date that you should follow up on this job or person. (Show/hide screen)

Click the day, month, or year and type a new date; or click the and pick the date you want from the calendar.

If you also want a reminder associated with this recall, check the reminder box. (If you check this, after you continue, another screen asks for the time you want to be reminded.)


Enter the message for the recall so you will know what you need to follow up on. (Show/hide screen)

Press enter or click Next to continue.

Setting Up a Reminder


On the Home Page, click Go, highlight Reminders, highlight Add New, and then indicate whether the reminder is for yourself or someone else.


Type a message in the box that opens.


Indicate what day/time the reminder should appear.


Click Save.