Trend Report

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The Trend Report shows job trends over time. For example, if you want to know how many jobs you've received from  each adjustor for a period of time, you could use Chronicle's graphs to see the totals. But suppose you wanted to know the total number of jobs for each month and whether the average number was increasing or decreasing; the Trend Report would show you this.

The Trend Report lets you look at jobs by type of person (for example, by adjustor or by sales rep), by category, by source, by organization, and so on. It also lets you look at all departments or just a selected department. And it lets you compare number of jobs, amount billed, or amount received. You can have this data broken down by week, month, or year.

The Trend Report looks like this:

The bottom of the screen (not shown here) shows averages for the selected person.

Adding the Trend Report to your Tools List


Go to your Home page in Chronicle.


On the top left of the Tools tab, click the Edit button.

This lets you control which tools are shown in your Tools list.


Under Management Tools, check the box by Trend Report, and then click Next at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll be taken back to the Home page and Trend Report will now be in your Tools list.