Last Updated 8/22/14

Setting Up Surveys to Consistently Collect Information From Customers

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Benefits of Surveys

Sometimes you need to collect certain information for every job, or for every job of a particular type. For example, for jobs covered by insurance, you would want to know the date of the loss, the amount of the deductible, and whether you were collecting the deductible. On the other hand, for landscaping jobs, you wouldn’t typically need insurance information, but you might want information about payment schedules, information about existing perennials, or other information. Surveys let you establish the information you need for a particular type of job and then collect that information consistently. You can include the information collected in surveys in documents and financial reports.

Getting to the Survey Setup


Click on the Chronicle icon in the upper left corner of Chronicle and click Main System Setup .

If Main System Setup isn’t in listed; see Adding Main System Setup to Your Tools List.


In the list of tabs on the left, click Surveys to get to the survey setup. (Show/hide screen)

Adding Surveys


Click the New Survey button above the list. (Show/hide screen)


Enter a name that describes what the survey is collecting.

Clear names are especially important if you create several surveys; the name should convey what the survey collects so people know which survey to pick.


Indicate what security level is needed to change the survey or look at survey information after it is entered.

The level that you choose here controls who can change the questions on the survey. It does not affect who can initially enter the survey answers—anyone can add a survey to a job and fill in the initial answers—but it does affect who can view or change those answers after they are initially entered.

If the information the survey collects isn’t private, set the security level to 1.


Add questions to the survey. (Show/hide screen)

To add questions, click Add Questions and fill out selections.

Question: Type the first question that you want asked on the survey; then press tab to move to the Type of Answer entry.

Your employees will see this text when they are filling the survey in for people or jobs.

Type of Answer: For each question, indicate what type of answer is needed.

Currency: Only allows two decimal places and automatically includes a dollar sign.

Date: Only allows valid dates.

Number, Decimal: Allows numbers with a decimal point.

Number, Whole: Allows only whole numbers (integers), that is, numbers with no decimal places.

List: Lets you enter a list of choices that the person filling out the survey will have to pick from.

Long Text: Lets the user enter up to 300 characters of text.

Rating: Allows you to enter the types of ratings you want to use and their value.

Short Text: Lets the user enter up to 39 characters of text.

True/False: Only lets the user choose True or False.

Yes/No: Only lets the user choose Yes or No.

     Default Answer: If most of the time you know the answer put it here. If for some reason it is different you can change it when the survey is added.

Required: For each question, decide whether the question Required or not. If you choose When Survey is Added, then employees won’t be able to close a job-related survey without filling that answer in. If you choose Before Dept is Completed, then they won’t be able to complete the department if the answer is blank and this particular survey is the automatic survey for that department. (Which survey, if any, is the automatic survey for each department is set in the Setup on the Departments tab by a rule.)


When you are done adding each question, click OK to save the question and return to the list.


To make the survey you just added the survey that gets automatically added for certain departments, in the Setup, go to the Departments tab and select a department. Then go to the Automatic Rules tab and add a rule that adds/edits the survey when the department is added or when some activity is completed.

After the survey is set up, you can then associate it with any job to collect the corresponding information for that job.

Changing Surveys

To change any survey, click the survey in the list, and then follow the appropriate instructions below.

To add an additional question: Above the list of questions on the survey, click Add Question. Enter the Question, Type of Answer, Default Answer, and whether then answer is Required. Then press enter or click OK.

To require an answer to a question: Double-click the question and change the Required entry.

To change the order of the questions: Select the survey and then click Sort over the list of questions. On the sort screen, you can drag questions to the position you want, or you can select a question and then click the arrow buttons.

To remove a question: Select the question and then click Delete.

To change the wording of a question: Double-click the question in the list. (You could also click Edit and then click Question.) In the box that comes up, change the question text and then click OK.

To change the type of answer for a question: Delete the question and add a new question with the appropriate answer type.

To rename a survey: Double-click the survey name. You could also select the survey, click Edit, and then click Name.