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Setting Up Chronicle to Distribute Email

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This procedure only applies to the initial setup of the Chronicle server. After the initial setup is done, see Assigning Email Addresses to Employees.

Chronicle can take email from an internet mailbox and distribute it to your employees based on what you set up in Chronicle. To explain how Chronicle does this, we need to first explain what a global alias mailbox does. (This is also called a "catch all" mailbox.) A global alias takes all email to a domain that isn’t addressed to an existing mailbox and puts it in one mailbox. For example, suppose Gamgee Gardening Services registers the domain and sets up only one mailbox: A global alias takes email sent to with any other address and puts it in one mailbox. (Since is the only one there, that’s where it would go.) Thus, email to, to, to, and anything else sent to would all go in this one mailbox. However, it keeps its original address, so you can still tell whether it was addressed to Sam or Rosie or to someone else.

Chronicle uses this to let you set up any email addresses that you want using your domain. For example, again using the domain, suppose you give the address to one of your employees. An email to goes into the global mailbox, and Chronicle then associates it with the person (or people) you gave that address to.

You can give each person multiple addresses if you want. For example, you could set up and and, to all go to the same person. You can also have email to one address automatically distributed to multiple employees. For example, could go several employees at once.

Setting Up an Email Domain and Mailbox

If you don’t yet have an email domain and mailbox: You must set up a domain and mailbox with Tierra Net.

If you already have a domain name and mailbox: Discuss with your Chronicle Implementation Coordinator.

If you use Tierra Net: After you have chosen a domain name and set up your account, go into the account control panel, go to Manage mailboxes, add a mailbox (we recommend naming it mailbox), and then add a global email alias that points to the mailbox you set up. (Contact Tierra Net’s support if you have any questions about how to set this up.)

Once you have your domain and mailbox set up, enter the corresponding information on the Email tab in Chronicle's Main system setup..

Information Chronilce Needs From You

To set Chronicle up to get mail from your mailbox, you must enter this information on the Email tab in Chronicle's main setup:

Once you enter these settings, Chronicle automatically retrieves mail from that one mailbox. If you have other mailboxes, Chronicle will not have access to or distribute email in them.

To make collection of the information Chronicle needs easy, print and fill out this form.

If You Change Your Domain or Your Global Email Account

If you change your domain name or the name of your global email account, do not forget to adjust the settings in the Main System Setup. Unless absolutely necessary, we don’t recommend changing your domain once you’ve given it out to customers.

Responsibility for Mailbox Maintenance

It is your responsibility to get your mailbox set up correctly with TierraNet and to enter that information in Chronicle's setup. Helping you set up or change your TierraNet mailbox is beyond the scope of our technical support; contact TierraNet and/or your network service technician if you need help setting the mailbox up. If you are having issues with putting in the correct information contact Chronicle Support.

Can Email Go to My Domain that Chronicle Doesn’t Touch?

Yes. The global alias puts email that doesn’t match an existing address at your ISP into the global mailbox. However, if an email address exists at your domain, email to that address wouldn’t go into the global mailbox, so Chronicle wouldn’t see it. For example, suppose you set up two mailboxes: and (The key is that these are set up directly through your ISP rather than in Chronicle.) Suppose is set up as the global mailbox (and hence the one you give us the address and password for). Mail to anything other than (the other address set up with your ISP), would go into your global mailbox and be retrieved by Chronicle. However, email sent to would, in this case, not go into the global mailbox since it matches the name of the other mailbox there. Because it doesn’t go into the global mailbox, Chronicle never sees it.

Assigning Email Addresses to Users

After you have set up your global email account and entered the correct information in the setup, you can assign any email address at your domain name to any user in Chronicle. For example, if your domain name is, you could give a user the email address of or or anything else that ends with

See Assigning Email Addresses to Employees. You can’t do this until you’ve added the people to Chronicle.