Last Updated 11/21/2014

ServiceMaster Fee Report

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Adding the ServiceMaster Report to Your Tools List

To add the new setup options to your Tools list:


Click on the Chronicle icon in the upper left corner of Chronicle. This is your tools list.


In the lower left, click the Edit Tools button.

This lets you control which tools are shown in your Tools list.


Under Management Tools, check the box by ServiceMaster Reports, and then click Next at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll be taken back to the Tools List and ServiceMaster Reports should now be in your tools list.

Setting Up the Report for the First Time

The first time you run this report, you must indicate which account numbers get included in which categories. Chronicle remembers what you enter so you only need to fill this information in once.


In your Tools list, click ServiceMaster Reports.


On the ServiceMaster Reports screen, click the Fee Report Setup tab.


Click Add License to add each ServiceMaster license that you hold.


For each division (Residential, Commercial, Construction, DR) and subdivision (Carpet, Water, Fire, Mold, etc.), click Add Chart Account and enter the QuickBooks item names that correspond to that area of service.

Do NOT enter QuickBooks Account numbers number here; you must enter item names. (QuickBooks item names correspond to account numbers.)

You can enter as many item names as you need to for each subdivision.

Repeat this until you have added all appropriate account numbers for each division and subdivision.

Chronicle remembers what you enter here so you only need to add these account numbers once.

Running the Report


In your Tools list, click ServiceMaster Reports.


Choose the License that you want to run the report for.


On the Fee Report tab, click Run Report.


Enter a start and end date and click Next.

Chronicle will generate a report on the screen.


If needed, enter any adjustments in the Adjustments column.

Contact ServiceMaster if you aren't sure what you can enter in this column.


To see the supporting detail for any line, click that line and click View Detail.

If you find any figures that are incorrect, make the needed corrections in QuickBooks. Remember that changes in QuickBooks aren't reflected until Chronicle links to QuickBooks at night. If you have to make any changes in QuickBooks, you'll have to wait until the following day to rerun the report.


To print the report, click Export to Excel, and then print the report from Excel.