Resending Documents that You've Already Sent

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If you've already sent a document to someone, and the person needs the document again, do this:


At the top of the screen, click the Jobs tab.


If the job you need isn't shown in the list, use one of the options on the left to view the appropriate list of jobs.

For example, to list all active jobs, click By Status, pick the department name and then pick Active.


Click the job to select it.  


Click the Go button, highlight Job, highlight Journal, and click View Existing.


Chronicle lists all of the journal entries for this job. (Show/hide screen)

Click the journal entry that the documents were attached to. (To make sure you've got the right journal entry, click at the bottom right; this lists the documents attached to that journal entry. From the screen that comes up, click View to see the document.)


Once you've selected the journal with the documents you want to resend, click Options, highlight Communicate, and then click Email or Fax.


A screen comes up for emailing (or faxing) the journal. This screen comes up for each person that you've chosen to send the message to. (Show/hide screen)

To check that the address or fax number is entered correctly, click Edit Email Accounts.

Click Send to resend the message to the recipient listed; click Cancel if you don't need to resend the email to that person. If you originally sent the message to more than one person and you only want to resend it to one of them, choose Cancel for each person that you don't want to send it to again; only click Send for the person you want to resend it to.