Preparing for the Initial Link

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Before we initially link Chronicle to QuickBooks, you must make sure that QuickBooks is correctly installed and set up.

Accounting Data Location

Do NOT store your accounting data on the Chronicle server. (If we ever have to maintain your Chronicle server, we don’t want to shut down your accounting information or put your accounting data at risk.) Only install a copy of your accounting software on the server so Chronicle can access the accounting information. Your accounting data could be on another server or it could be on a workstation connected to the network as long as that workstation is never turned off and is set up for automatic backups.

QuickBooks Installation & Setup


Install and register a copy of a multi-user version of QuickBooks on your Chronicle server.

Make sure your setup meets these requirements; if it doesn’t, the link between the programs won’t work:

  • We recommend a 5-user QuickBooks licence (or the 10-user Enterprise version), but if you use individual licenses, you must purchase a license that is used only on the Chronicle server. (If you need to upgrade QuickBooks or purchase an additional copy, the link on our web site can get you a discount.)

  • QuickBooks must be installed AND registered on the Chronicle server.

  • The Chronicle server must have unrestricted access to the drive/folder where the QuickBooks data is, that is, you must not need to supply a user name or password to browse the network folder that contains the QuickBooks data.


Create a user in QuickBooks named Chronicle.

We’ll tell you what to use for this user’s password. You must give this user access to all areas of QuickBooks.


Map your accounting data drive so your accounting software can find it.

On the Chronicle server, open Windows Explorer, click Tools, and click Map Network Drive. (Show/hide screen)

Choose a drive letter to use for your accounting data. (The next available letter should be shown automatically.) Click Browse (next to the Folder entry), find and select the folder that contains your accounting information, and click OK. When that folder is shown, click Finish. Once you map the location of your accounting data, use that drive letter for your accounting program to locate it.


Set up this copy of QuickBooks to find data on the drive you just mapped.

Once QuickBooks is installed and registered, log in to make sure it works correctly.


Make sure the Chronicle server has unrestricted access to the accounting data.

If your network uses domains, set up a user account named Chronicle that Chronicle will log into the network with. This user account must have administrative rights to the directory that contains your accounting data.


If you want us to transfer customers from QuickBooks to Chronicle during the initial link, make sure customer names & addresses in QuickBooks are entered correctly.

If you don't want your existing QuickBooks customers transferred to Chronicle, the format of the existing information there doesn't matter to us.

If you do want information imported into Chronicle, what we import will only be useful to you if you have good, correctly formatted data in QuickBooks. Before the initial link, make sure your active customers have correctly entered names and addresses. (For consistency, you may want to also check your inactive customers, but you don’t have to.)

Individual customer names MUST have the first and last names in the First Name and Last Name entries, so the Customer Name shows Lastname, Firstname. If names aren’t entered like this, you can have mismatched information or duplicate customers in QuickBooks. Customers without both a first name and a last name (for example, if you just have Mr. Jones and no first name) aren’t imported at all.

For an individual, the company name must be blank or Chronicle will import the person as an organizations rather than an individual.

In QuickBooks, the Customer Name must
be in the
Lastname, Firstname format.

Organizations or companies MUST have a company name in the Company Name entry or Chronicle won’t recognize them as organizations. The First Name and Last Name entries MUST also be blank. Organizations also need an address (address, city, state, zip) and phone; those without addresses are given addresses of 100 Anywhere St.

In QuickBooks, the Company Name must
be filled in for an organization.

Checking Addresses: Make sure each customer has a complete address and that addresses don’t contain extra info like phone numbers.

For the best results, click Address Details to make sure each part of the address is in the correct entry; items that QuickBooks places in the wrong entry will be incorrect in Chronicle as well.

The above address is good; it will be imported into Chronicle correctly. The address below has the phone number interpreted as a zip; it won’t be imported correctly.


Make sure all QuickBooks invoices have unique invoice numbers.

Most customers use unique numbers for every invoice (QuickBooks warns you if you try to use a duplicate), so you probably don’t need to do anything here. However, we’ve encountered situations where, for example, someone entered all opening balances using invoice # 0. If you have done something like this, before the initial link, renumber such invoices so each invoice has a unique number; if you don’t, those invoices will cause problems when sent to Chronicle. (If you want your opening balances to be distinct from your regular invoice numbers, use numbers like OPEN-1, OPEN-2, etc. for your opening balances.)


Once QuickBooks is installed and registered, and customer names are in the correct format, contact us to schedule the initial link.

  • Email to schedule the initial link. In this email, tell us:

  • that you have read this topic (Preparing for the Initial Link) and that you have completed all of the steps in it. (If you haven't yet completed these steps, please do not sent the email until you have.)

  • whether you want the customers now in QuickBooks to be transferred to Chronicle.

  • the drive letter and name for your QuickBooks data file.

  • On the day the initial link is scheduled, QuickBooks must be available and all users must be logged out. You must have someone available to help in case we need that.

  • You must supply us with your administrative log on and password. We’ll keep this strictly confidential.

  • We’ll connect to your server, perform the initial link, and let you know when it is done.

Once the initial link is done, Chronicle automatically links to QuickBooks every night and gets the latest billing and receivable information. When you add new jobs in Chronicle, the link automatically adds the associated customers to QuickBooks so they’ll be there when you’re ready to bill them for the job. (If the customer is already in QuickBooks, the customer isn’t changed or added again.)

What to Do Next

While you don't have to read these topics before we will turn the QuickBooks link on, these topics are critically important for information to link correctly on an ongoing basis; you should read them next.

Associating QuickBooks Classes with Chronicle Departments: You must do this setup before much of the financial analysis, including Chronicle's Profitability Snapshot, will work.

Ongoing QuickBooks Data Entry: For information to link correctly on an ongoing basis, you must enter your data in QuickBooks following the instructions in this topic; we recommend printing it for anyone who enters data in QuickBooks.