Organizing Information Not Associated with a Person or Job

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For information that is related to a job or person, you'll want to use the journal and document options associated with the job or person. But sometimes you'll want to keep track of information that isn't related to a particular job or person. This information could be related to virtually anything: a marketing campaign, negotiations for new office space, the company Christmas party, job candidates for a new position, the fund raising you're doing for an organization your child is involved in.

Chronicle lets you create folders to organize these types of information. A folder can be associated with a particular department and accessible to anyone with the appropriate security level, or you can create personal folders that are only accessible to you or the people you choose. These folders can contain journal entries and documents, and you can also associate email with a folder.

To keep track of information using folders:


Create the folder.


Associate other people with the folder if needed.


Add documents or journal entries to the folder as needed.

If at some point you are done with the folder, you can make the folder inactive; this removes it from your list of folders.