Organization/Office Detail Screen

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When you add a new organization, or when you edit an existing organization, you see a screen like the one below. From this screen, you can add new offices or change information for any existing office. This includes adding new people to Chronicle who are associated with the office.

Getting to this screen

When adding a new organization: This screen comes up when adding an organization after you enter basic information about the organization and the first office.

For an existing organization: Go to the Organizations tab, find the organization, and double-click the organization or office. You can also select the office and then click the Edit button in the Office Tools, click any button in the toolbar for the selected office, click the Go button, or right-click the office and pick an option from the menu.

Changing the Organization Name/Category

Click the Edit Org Info button at the top right, or click the organization name or category in the header of the screen.

Adding Offices

Click the Add button above the office list at the left to add additional offices.

Seeing Detail for any Office

In the office list at the left, select any office. The tabs at the right let you see or change information for that office.

Contact Info: Add or change phone/fax numbers and email addresses. Associate existing people with the current office or add new people.

Addresses: See or change physical, mailing, or billing addresses. (Billing address only available for customers.)

Surveys: Add or change surveys to collect additional information.

Groups: See all groups this office is associated with and add/remove this office from groups.

Associated Jobs: See all jobs that this organization is associated with, both currently and for any date range you choose.

The toolbar at the right gives you other options for the current office.