Monitoring the Status of Tasks

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If you've assigned tasks to others (or others have assigned tasks to you) you can check on or update the status of those tasks by doing this:


At the top of the screen, click the Tasks tab.


If needed, change the Task Status at the top left of the screen.  (Show/hide screen)

You can choose Incomplete (tasks that aren't marked as done yet), Complete (tasks that are done), or Deleted.


In the Task View at the top left of the screen, indicate who you want to see tasks for.  (Show/hide screen)

To see tasks you must do: Choose Tasks Assigned to Me.

To see all tasks that you've assigned to anyone: Choose Tasks I Have Assigned.

To see all tasks you have assigned to a particular person: Choose Tasks I Have Assigned to a Person.

To see all tasks associated with a job: Choose Tasks Concerning a Customer.

To see all tasks that anyone has assigned to a particular person: Choose Tasks Concerning a Job. For example, you would choose this to see the complete set of tasks assigned to any employee.


If you've chosen completed tasks, Chronicle asks for the date range. (Show/hide screen)

Chronicle will only list those tasks that were completed during the range that you specify; this prevents your having to wade through a list of tasks that were complete months ago.

This is initially set to show two weeks worth of tasks. To use different dates, click the button to bring up a calendar and just click the date you want, or manually edit the month, day, or year entries. Chronicle automatically changes the day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) to be correct for the date you choose.


If you chosen to see tasks for a person, Chronicle asks you to pick the person.

You pick the person here just as you do elsewhere in Chronicle; type up to four letters of the person's last name, click the person in the list if needed, and then click Next.

Once you do this, you see a list of tasks that meet the conditions you chose. For more information about any task on the list, double-click that task. From there you can see or change details about the status of the task.

From the list of tasks, you can also use the Options button to mark tasks as complete, to print the list of tasks, or to print task details.