Monitoring Journals

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Owners or managers may want to review all journal entries for a particular period. This can give you a general feel for any problems that exist and an overview of what is going on. To do this:


On your Home page, click Journal Manager under Management Tools.

If Journal Manager isn’t in listed under Management Tools, you can use the Edit button on your Home page to add it.


Under All or Department, click By Date Range to indicate what date range you want to see journals for.

The dates that initially come up get you the journals for the previous two weeks, but you can change these to any dates you want.


If you chose the option under Department, choose the department you want to see journals for.


You’ll see a list of all journals that meet the conditions you specified; click any journal title in the list to read the entry. (Show/hide screen)

The panel on the right shows information about the corresponding person or job. Double-click any item on that panel for more information.


If you want to further filter the list and only see journals by a particular person, click Options, highlight Filter, click By Journal Author, and then pick the person whose journals you want to see.