Monitoring a Job's Budget

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Once you have set up a budget for a job and entered employee time, you can then determine your labor expenses for a job or activity by looking at the  job budget (to check all expenses including materials and subcontracting expenses imported from QuickBooks), or you can look at the job's costs.

To check the job budget:


At the top of the screen, click the Jobs tab.


If the job you need isn’t shown in the list, use one of the options on the left to view the appropriate list of jobs.

For example, to list all active jobs, click By Status, pick the department name, and then pick Active.


Click the job to select it.


Click Go, highlight Budget, and then click either By Department or All Departments.

If you choose By Department, choose the department and click Next.

This takes you to the Total Budget tab on the budget screen. (Show/hide screen)

This screen shows the total estimated sales amount allocated to each activity, the amount allocated to labor and materials for each activity, actual costs, and your current margin. You may need to make the window wider and/or use the scroll bar across the bottom of the screen to see all of the columns. If you are specifically interested in labor, the Labor Budget tab shows just the labor information.

Activities where costs are more than what is allocated are shown in red.


When done, click the in the top right corner to close the window.