Marking Equipment as Returned

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So that your record of equipment in Chronicle is accurate, it's important to mark it as returned when it comes back from the job site. To do this:


At the top of the screen, click the Items tab.


Click the Unavailable, Person, or Customer buttons in the column on the left of the screen, and then click one of the view buttons under that to generate a list of available items in the category you want.

If equipment is being returned from a particular job: Click Customer, click The Company's Items, and then pick the customer; this gets a list of all items assigned to that customer.

If equipment is being returned from a particular employee: Click Person, click Items Located With, and then pick the employee; this gets a list of all items assigned to that employee.


Click the check box to the right of each item that is being returned.

Just clicking the name in the list isn't enough; you must put a check in the box. You can check as many items as you need to.


After you've checked all the items that you want to mark as returned, click the Move Item button.


Choose your company's name as the place to move the items to. (Show/hide screen)

The bottom of this screen also lets you change the date and time that the equipment was returned. (This is always initially set to the current date and time.) If you are billing for equipment on an hourly or daily rate, having the exact date and time may be important. If you are only concerned with whether the equipment is out or checked in, the exact date and time don't matter.


Click Next to continue.


Chronicle displays a message telling you how many items were moved; click OK or press enter to continue.