Making Sure Classes are NOT an Invoice Column

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If you customize invoice templates in QuickBooks, you can change which columns appear on the invoice. One of the columns that you can add is Class. This would let you assign one class to one line on the invoice and another class to another line. You should NOT have the class column appear on your invoices since only the class for the invoice as a whole is exported to Chronicle; the class chosen for an individual line is not exported. Letting users choose different classes for different lines would result in information that was not associated with any department in Chronicle. (The solution is simply to create separate invoices, one for each department.)

Removing the Class Column from the Invoice If You Have It


On the QuickBooks invoice, click the Customize button by the Template entry.


Chose the appropriate template and click Edit.


Go to the Columns tab and uncheck Class.


Save your changes. If you use multiple invoices, repeat this for each invoice template.