Last Updated 8/29/14

Main System Setup

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Main System Setup combines most of the program's setup options into a single setup module in Chronicle. This lets you customize many aspects of the program such as departments and activities; categories for items like, jobs, job sources, organizations, people, skills, and tasks; define and require documents and document templates; and more.

Most Chronicle users never need to change setup—typically only owners, administrators, and managers change setup—so the setup options aren’t not automatically shown in the Tools list; you must add them to your Tools list before you can use them.

Main System Setup default security settings are set to a level 6 or 7 can make changes and level 5 and higher can view the settings.

Adding Main System Setup to Your Tools List

Getting to Main System Setup

The Main System Setup Screen

Adding Main System Setup to Your Tools List

To add the new setup options to your Tools list:


Click on the Chronicle icon in the upper left corner of Chronicle. This is your tools list.


In the lower left, click the Edit Tools button.

This lets you control which tools are shown in your Tools list.


Under Management Tools, check the box by Main System Setup, and then click Next at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll be taken back to the Tools List and Main System Setup should now be in your tools list.

Getting to Main System Setup

Once Main System Setup is in your Tools list, click it to go to the setup options.

The Main System Setup Screen

When you first go into Main System Setup, you see a screen like this:


The tabs on the left take you to the different types of information you can set up. These options are each explained elsewhere in this help; click one of the following for detail.






Email & Fax



Job Roles

Labor /budget


Purchase Order

Program Links



Tab Visibility

Work Order

Other Options

Audit Log: In the upper right hand corner of the setup is the button for the audit log. This shows what settings have been changed during the past year, when they were changed, and who made the change.