Last Updated 9/4/14

Getting into Chronicle

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To get into Chronicle:


Start the Chronicle program.

To do this, click the Chronicle icon on your desktop

You can also click your Start menu, highlight Programs, highlight Chronicle, and then click Chronicle.


When the Login screen comes up, type your User Name and Password.

User Name: Use the first four letters of your last name followed by the first two letters of your first name. For example, the user name for Edmund Pevensie would be PEVEED. When Chronicle comes up, it automatically shows the last user name used on this computer, so if you're the only person who uses Chronicle on this computer, this is automatically filled in for the next time you log in.

Password: Your initial password is your first name. (You should change this password right away.) The password is not case sensitive; for example john, John, and JOHN are all the same.

Having problems logging in?


Leave the database set to Main Database.

The Main Database is your working set of Chronicle information. The Secondary Database is a backup copy of your data; it gets replaced every night. If you were to make changes to the Secondary Database, they would be overwritten at the end of the day. Changes to the Secondary Database are never transferred back to the Main Database. The only time you might use the Secondary Database would be if you were doing some training or trying to learn a new part of the program and wanted to experiment without messing your real data up. You try any options you wanted, knowing that your work wasn’t going to be saved past the end of the day, and that what you did wouldn’t be visible to anyone using the Main Database.


Click Login.

Installing the Latest Program Update

Whenever we release a new version of Chronicle, right after you log in, you see a screen the tells you that we’ve updated Chronicle and that asks if you want to install the latest version. (You'll generally get an update every month or two.)

Say Yes unless you're entering Chronicle to get some quick information (for example, if you had a customer on the phone) and didn’t have time to install the new version now; if you say No, Chronicle will ask again the next time you log in; as soon as possible, say Yes to install the new version.

Viewing the Release Notes

When Chronicle tells you there's a new version, it shows you the release notes to tell you what has changed. These release notes are also found in Chronicle's online help. In the help, there are several tabs across the top of the screen; one of these says Latest Release Notes.