Chronicle KPI Dashboards

Much like the heat gauge on the dashboard of your car, Chronicle’s dashboards will give you, at a glance, high-level metrics of how your business is doing using key performance indicators. To get started, click on the “Customize Dashboard” button on the Home tab where you can create multiple customized dashboards or let Chronicle create “Executive Dashboards” for you to view your data.



We have grouped the dashboard tiles by general relationships into categories. Select “new tile” and choose which category you wish to display. For example, if the category of the tile is “jobs”. You can decide whether you want the tile to display with or without departments and show related people or organizations. Finally, pick a time frame for the data and save.



Once you have created your dashboards you can drill into the data by clicking on the tile to see the key performance indicators used to create the pivot grids.



From here you can further manipulate the data by changing the key performance indicators. The options button gives you the ability to see the help bar on the grid.




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