Last Updated 8/29/14

Key Dates

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Chronicle's default settings for Key Dates includes birthday and anniversary as these dates are most often used by the Marketers in their marketing efforts. You can view these dates in the Marketing Manager on the Key Dates tab. Chronicle also allows you to define other dates you may want to track, such as employee recertification due dates and subcontractor liability renewal dates through the Main System Setup on the Categories tab.

Key Dates Setup

Birthday, Anniversary, and Other Date are the date types that marketers are typically interested in.  Other dates that are useful to track for the business are liability renewal for subcontractors and employee recertification dates for employees. To edit all Key Dates, go to the Main System Setup, click the Categories tab, select Key Dates where you can add or edit categories and subcategories of dates.

Adding Key Dates for People

To enter key dates for any person, find that person on the People tab, and double-click the person to open the person's file. Go to the Groups & Key Dates/Marketing tab. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see options for adding and changing key dates:


When you add key dates, you can leave them unassigned or you can assign them to a particular employee. You can also enter onetime events (by filling in a year) or events that occur every year.

Searching for People with Key Dates in a Particular Time Frame

Once you've entered key dates for people, you can find people with upcoming dates by going to the People tab and clicking the Key Dates query at the left. This brings up a screen that lets you pick the conditions for the people with key dates to find.


Key Dates Report

The Key Dates report lets you find people with key dates in the date range you choose. You can single out particular types (like birthdays) or dates assigned to particular people.