Last Update 7/28/14

Job Role Setup

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The Job Roles tab lets you define what roles people and organizations can have on jobs, and which roles to automatically assign to particular employees and to people and organizations in particular categories. This screen looks like this:

Entries on the Screen

Roles People/Organizations can have on Jobs: Click Add to add roles to the list. Delete roles you don’t use; this makes picking the right role easier for those who associate people with jobs. Double-click the Role to rename roles. For person roles, double-click the Roles is for column to indicate whether each role applies to Employees only, Non-employees only, or Anyone.

Default Roles for Employees: For each employee that has a typical role on jobs, double-click the Default Role column. This role will be automatically picked when you associate the person with the job. You’ll be able to remove that role and/or pick additional roles if the employee happens to have a different role on a particular job, so if an employee has a role most of the time, pick it here.

Default Roles for Non-employees/Organizations: For each person/organization category, pick the role that someone in that category usually has. You can remove that role and/or pick additional roles if a different role is needed on a particular job, so if a category has a role most of the time, pick it here. For example, a person in the adjustor category usually has the role adjustor, so pick that here. (If, on a particular job, an adjustor refers a job to you but isn’t the adjustor for that job, then in that instance you’d be able to override this default setting, unchecking Adjuster and checking Referrer.)