Last Updated: 8/13/2014

Job and Customer Info that can be Added to a Document

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To add this information to a document, you need to first create a document template and then add that document to the appropriate job or person.

The template toolbar has a number of types of information that you can include. You must first indicate what category of information to include, and then indicate the specific information needed. This table lists what you can include:

For information about...

Use this category

Available information (you pick these in the Insert Values entry)


The person or organization the document is about

Person / Org. Concerning

Concerning Name

Concerning Address1

Concerning Address2

Concerning City

Concerning State

Concerning Zip

Concerning Cross St.

Concerning Directions

Concerning WorkPhone

Concerning HomePhone

Concerning Pager

Concerning Fax

Concerning Cell Phone

Concerning Person ID

Concerning Person Name ID

Concerning Person Acc. ID

Con. Job Site Address1

Con. Job Site Address2

Con. Job Site City

Con. Job Site State

Con. Job Site Zip

Con. Job Site Cross St.

Con. Job Site Directions

Chronicle determines who the letter is about based on the person or job the document is associated with. For example, if you add a document to a job for Barliman Butterbur, then he is the person the document is about, regardless of whether you send the document to him or to someone else

The person the document is from

Person from

From Name

From Address1

From Address2

From City

From State

From Zip

From WorkPhone

From HomePhone

From Pager

From Fax

From Person ID

From Person Name ID

From Person Acc. ID

Chronicle determines who the document is from based on who adds the document to the job; if you add the document to the job, Chronicle will use your information; if your service manager adds the document, it will be from him/her.

The person the document is being sent to

Person to

To Name

To Address1

To Address2

To City

To State

To Zip

To WorkPhone

To HomePhone

To Pager

To Fax

To Person ID

To Person Name ID

To Person Acc. ID

To Person Organization

Chronicle has no way of automatically determining who you are going to send the document to—you could be sending it to the customer, or to an adjustor, etc.—so when you add a document based on the template to the job, Chronicle asks you to pick the person the letter is to.

The organization the document is being sent to

Organization To

To Org Name

To Org Address1

To Org Address2

To Org City

To Org State

To Org Zip

To Org Acc.ID

To Org Desc.

To Org WorkPhone

To Org Fax


The job the document is about


Job ID

Date Received

Job Description

Job Work Source

Date Completed

Job Site Address1

Job Site Address2

Job Site City

Job Site State

Job Site Zip

Job Site Name

Job Site Phone

Special Instructions

Job Secondary ID

Job Site Cross Street

Job Site Directions

Job Survey Question

Chronicle determines which job the document is about based on the job the document is associated with. (If the document isn’t associated with a job, Chronicle would leave this information blank.)

Your own company

Our Company

Company Name

Company Address1

Company Address2

Company City

Company State

Company Zip

Company WorkPhone

Company TollFreePhone

Company Fax

Your company is listed in the list of organizations. Information that you add or change for your own company is used here.

An image that is associated with the person or job

System (use System, not Image)

Image Capture

When you add the document to a person or job, Chronicle asks you to pick from the images associated with the job. (You must associated the image with the job before you associate the document so the image is available to pick.)

An image (like your company logo) that you always want to be part of the document

Don’t use the template toolbar for a image like your company logo that is a permanent part of the document; simply go to the program where you created the image, copy it, and paste it in to the document template.

Invoice information


Lineitem Detail Table

Inv Billed

Inv Paid

Inv Due



Invoice ID

If Chronicle is set up to get invoices from your accounting package, then when you add the document to the person or job, Chronicle asks you to pick the invoice to get the information from.






Each of these insert the date based on your computer’s system date.

Information to enter when you add the letter


User Defined Prompt [Text]

User Defined Prompt [Memo]

User Defined Prompt [Repeater]

User Defined Prompt [Date]

For any of the user defined prompt entries, Chronicle lets you enter a prompt, that is, the question Chronicle asks the person who adds the document to a person/job. Chronicle requires that the answer be of the corresponding type; for example, User Defined Prompt [Date] only lets the user enter a date for the answer.

If you add any of these user defined items more than once, Chronicle collects separate answers for each.


V1-10 Prompt

V1-10 Repeater

V total

X1-20 Prompt

X 1-20 Repeater

The V entries collect dollar values; the X entries collect text. The repeater entries let you show the answer in more than one place. For example, suppose you included X1 to collect some text, and you wanted to insert that same text again later in the document. Rather than using another prompt entry (which would ask the user another question), use the X1 repeater to repeat the answer to the corresponding question without asking the user again.