Importing Xactimate Estimates into Chronicle

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 Updated: 6/3/14


In Xactimate 28, open the estimate that you want to export to Chronicle.


Click the Print button to open the Estimate Reports screen. (Show/hide screen)

Select the type of report you want to export. Usually this is the Rough draft or Final draft report.


In the Print Selection box be sure that you check Recap by Category to add to the estimate.

Chronicle reads the Recap by Category section of the estimate to import budget numbers into Chronicle's Budget.


Select Export to export PDF file. (Show/hide screen)


In the Save As screen, Xactimate asks for the name and location of the export file; enter a name and click Save.

Typically people create a folder specifically for exported Xactimate estimates. The name of the file is typically based on the name of the customer/job.


In Chronicle, go to the Job file that the estimate is for, go to the documents tab and add a new document.

For more detail on the process of adding documents, see Attaching Documents to a Job.

Typically you will have set up a requirement for a document called something like Estimate in the document setup, and this required document should have a type of Acrobat so it looks for a .pdf file.

When Chronicle asks you to choose the file that you want to attach, go to the folder where you have your exported Xactimate estimates, and select the file associated with this job. (Once you’ve saved the estimate into Chronicle, you can then delete the .pdf file from the Xactimate estimate folder.)

Reimporting a changed estimate

If an estimate changes after you import it into Chronicle, simply delete the previous estimate saved in Chronicle, and then repeat the process above to attach the new estimate. If you wish to keep all versions of an estimate be sure to give the next estimate a slightly different name.