HR Setup

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You can change information about employees through the People tab. However, once employees are entered, you can update HR info and pay rates for all employees at once from the HR/Pay Rate screen in the setup.

General HR Info

The Employee Info tab contains the hire date, SSN, driver’s license number, birth date, gender, and marital status. Double-click any cell to change the corresponding value. Leave any values blank that you don’t need.

Employee Pay Rates

The Employee Pay Rate tab contains the pay type, pay rate, last raise date, bonus %, and hire date. Double-click any cell to change the corresponding value.

If you play to enter job labor hours for an employee, you must set the pay type to Hourly and enter a pay rate. Chronicle will NOT show employees in the labor entry screen that do not have pay rates.

If you have a salaried employee that you want to track labor hours for, choose Hourly for the Type and enter an hourly equivalent for the Rate. For example, if an employee gets a salary of $800/week and is expected to work a 40 hour week, then you’d enter $20 for the pay rate. This way, if that employee spends 4 hours at a job, Chronicle will be able to calculate that that labor cost you $80. For a salaried employee, this is obviously only an approximation, but it is still useful to be able to reflect this in the job costs.