Getting Around in Chronicle


A typical screen from Chronicle is shown below. The notes around the screen show how the different parts of the screen help you get to the information that you need. We’ve given more detail on a number of these features below.

Search Options

On any tab in Chronicle, you can type in the Locate entry to search. On the people tab, you can type up to four letters of the last name. If you wish, you can follow this with two letters of the first name. For example, to search for Lucy Pevensie, you could just type PEV or PEVE to find everyone with a last name that begins with those letters, or you could type PEVELU (4 letters of last name + 2 letters of first) to narrow your search. After you type in the Locate entry, you don't need to click anything; just stop typing and Chronicle will automatically search.

We’ve provided similar search options on the Jobs, Organizations, and Equipment pages. On the Jobs tab in the Locate entry, you can type the job number, the claim number (or secondary ID), or the beginning of the customer’s name.

To search by something other than the Name ID (or Job ID), click the Find button for a list of other information you can search by. For example, the Find menu options on the People page are shown at the right.

Editing Information in the Panels

The panels on the right side of each screen show details about the job, person, or organization you’ve selected. To change information that you see there:

Double-click the entry or panel heading: Most panel headings are double-clickable. For example, double-clicking Documents, Missing Required Documents, or # of Documents all take you to a screen where you can add, view, or change documents. Similarly, double-clicking any entry related to journals takes you into the journal for the person, job, etc. that you are looking at.

Right-click the name in the list, or click the Go menu: This gives you a menu that gets you to any information about the selected person, job, etc.

Refreshing Panels to Show Changed Information

Sometimes when you add new information or change existing information, that information is not immediately reflected on the panels that you see. To update or refresh the panel that you are looking at so it reflects the latest information, click the Refresh button in the InfoPanel toolbar.

After doing this, you’ll see the most current information. The information is saved regardless of whether you click the Refresh button.

Getting More Info with the Go Button or the right-click menu

Generally most of the information you need is on the information panels on the right side of the screen. If the information you need is on the panel, you can look at it there (or double-click it if you need to change it). However, you can also get to any information about a person, job or organization by clicking the Go button, or by right-clicking the item in the list.

The menu that comes up only shows choices that apply to what you’re looking at. For example, job-related options only appear if you’ve selected a customer.

Options with a pointer at the right  have additional menus beneath them.


Accessing Your Tools List

Visible from all tabs in Chronicle is the Chronicle Icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen. This Icon gives you access to commonly used features of the program such as the Main System Setup.


From the Chronicle Icon you can: