Generating a List of Completed Activities

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An important part of monitoring your billing is to compare the list of completed activities in Chronicle with the billing summary from your estimating system. You want to make sure that all appropriate activities are being completed and billed for.

To generate a list of completed activities in Chronicle:


At the top of the screen, click the Activities tab.


Under Activity View, click All [By Status and Date Range].


For the Activity Date Range, indicate when the activities must have been completed to be included. (Show/hide screen)

For example, to include activities that were completed during the month of June, you would choose 06/01 for the starting date and 06/30 for the ending date. Either click the button to bring up a calendar and click the date you want, or manually edit the month, day, or year entries. Chronicle automatically changes the day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) to be correct for the date you choose.

Click Next to continue.


For the Activity Status, choose Completed. (Show/hide screen)

Click Next to continue.


To print the list, click Options, and then click Print Activity List.