Finding Jobs Not Correctly Linked to QuickBooks

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Sometimes during the initial setup period, you’ll have mismatched customer information (e.g. the name will be spelled slightly differently in the two programs.) You can also have mismatches if you continue to sometimes enter customers manually in QuickBooks rather than waiting for Chronicle to transfer them. (If you always let Chronicle transfer new customers in the nightly link and never manually enter customers in QuickBooks, you should never encounter this problem after the initial setup period.)

If you click a customer in the receivables list and don’t see any associated job information on the right side of the screen, this is an indication that information isn’t linked correctly. You can also find customers that aren’t linked correctly by doing this:


Go to your Home page and click Receivables [All] under Management Tools. (Show/hide screen)

If you don’t see Receivables [All] there, click the Edit button above the Tools list and check the box next to that tool and any other tools you’d like to include in your list.

You can also go to the Financial tab, and then under Financial View pick Receivables [All].


Click the Options button, highlight filter, and click No Job Associated.

This gives you a list of information that isn’t linked to a job in Chronicle.

Once you see which jobs aren’t correctly linked, do this to correct the problem::


Click the customer in the accounts receivable list to select the customer. (Show/hide screen)


Double-click the Accounting ID entry at the bottom of the list.


Chronicle asks you to identify the customer. Type up to four characters of the person’s last name, select the customer from the list, and click Next.

If the customer has more than one job, pick the appropriate job at the bottom of the screen before you click Next.

Once you’ve picked the customer (and job if needed), Chronicle links that customer to the receivable information and the job information is shown in the right panel just as it does for jobs that are automatically linked.