Faxing or Emailing Documents

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It's generally easiest to start the process of faxing or emailing documents from the list of documents. However, if you prefer you can start with a journal first and attach documents to it; the procedure here explains how to do that.

If you've already sent the document once and just want to resend it to the same person (or people), see Resending Documents.

To send a new document or a document that you haven't sent before:


At the top of the screen, click the Jobs tab.

We said to pick jobs here because that where you most often want a fax associated, but you could also go to the People tab and pick a person.


If the job you need isn't shown in the list, use one of the options on the left to view the appropriate list of jobs.

For example, to list all active jobs, click By Status, pick the department name and then pick Active.


Click the job to select it.  


Click the Go button, highlight Journal, and click Add New.


Chronicle asks for the department that the message is associated with. Click and choose the department from the list. Then click Next to continue. (Show/hide screen)


Type the subject of the message and press enter or click Next. (Show/hide screen)


Chronicle brings up a screen that lets you enter the text of the message and choose who to send it to. (Show/hide screen)

TO: Enter up to four of the person's last name to bring up a list of people whose names begin with those letters. Highlight the appropriate name on the list and then click . You'll see the name added to the list of recipients on the right side of the screen. You can repeat this as many times as needed if you want to send the message to more than one person.

Cc: Add names here (just as you did for the To entry) if you want to send someone else a copy of this message. For example, if a customer called with a compliment about the work done, you might want to send a copy of the message to the manager as well as the person who did the work.


Type your message in the box at the bottom left.

When sending a fax, what you type appears on the cover page.

If you don't have any message and just want to send the document(s), just leave this box blank.


To attach a document, click Options, highlight Document, and then click either Create New or Attaching Existing....

If you've already scanned the document into Chronicle or attached the document to some other journal: Click Attaching Existing.... This brings up a list of documents associated with this job; just check the documents to attach.

If you have a paper document that hasn't been scanned yet or if the document is already on your computer but hasn't been associated with the job yet: Click Create New. For example, suppose you wrote a letter to a customer in Word, and that letter is now on your computer's hard drive. Even though the document exists, the document isn't associated with this job, so you must click Create New. For en existing document, choose Any File for the type of document; Chronicle brings up a window that lets you find the document; go to the appropriate folder and select the document to add. Chronicle will open the document. Once you close the document, Chronicle adds the document.


Click Next, highlight Communicate, and then click Email or Fax.

One of the other choices is Save & Close; only use that option if you want to save the journal entry without sending it to anyone right now. When you email or fax the journal, Chronicle automatically also saves it.)


A screen comes up for emailing or faxing the journal. This screen comes up for each person that you've chosen to send the message to. (Show/hide screen)

To check that the address or fax number is entered correctly, click Edit Email Accounts.

Click Send to send the message to the recipient listed; click Cancel if you decide not to send the email to this person. If you have more than one recipient and you cancel for one, you'll still be able to send to the others.