Last Update 7\21\14

Fax Setup for Internet Faxing

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Using Internet faxing lets Chronicle receive incoming faxes: these can be associated with jobs, forwarded to particular people, etc., just as you do with email. Internet faxing also provides improved reliability and better error reporting.

Before You Start

You must have Chronicle email set up.

If you use individual mailboxes or individual email aliases: Through your email provider, set up a mailbox/alias called fax@[yourdomain].com. (You may use a different name if needed, but you may NOT use an address assigned to any person in Chronicle.) You don't need to do this if you use a catch-all/global alias mailbox. If you aren't sure, check with your network administrator.

Decide if you are going to sign up for a new fax number or if you are going to port your existing fax number to Faxage: See Porting an Existing Fax Number for details. We also have suggestions if you can't or don't want to port your existing number.

Getting to the Fax Setup


Click on the Chronicle icon in the upper left corner of Chronicle. This is your tools list. Select Main System Setup

If Main System Setup isn’t in listed under Management Tools; see Adding Main System Setup to Your Tools List.


In the list of tabs at the left, click the Email & Fax tab.

Entries on the Screen

Fax Service: Faxage has the best pricing, the best performance of those tested, and the most timely responses (within an hour) to requests for help. Faxage is the only supported provider.

Email address assigned to the company’s fax account: Enter fax@[yourdomain].com. This may not be the email address of any person in Chronicle.

Create a Faxage Online Fax Account: If you haven’t created your fax account yet, click this button to create one with Faxage. This takes you to their web page. Setting Faxage up correctly to work with Chronicle is fairly complicated; carefully read the instructions for setting up a Faxage account.

Incoming Fax Number: Enter the fax number that your fax provider assigns.

Account User Name, Account Password, @Company: Enter the information that you used when setting your fax account up.

Use Internet Faxing: Check this box to enable Internet faxing in Chronicle after you have filled in all of the entries above.

Creating and Configuring a Faxage Account

Correctly setting Faxage up to work with Chronicle is fairly complicated; please follow the instructions for setting up a Faxage account carefully.

Editing Fax Cover Pages

When you fax from Chronicle, you can use no cover page, the primary cover page, or the secondary cover page. You can customize what is on these cover pages.


Click Edit Main Fax Cover Page or Edit Secondary Fax Cover Page at the bottom of the Fax tab.


Edit the cover sheet as needed.

To insert person or job information: Next to Insert Merge Field, click the drop-down next to Type of Field. Pick the type of information that you need, and then pick the specific information to include in the Field entry. Then click Insert. (Show/hide screen)

For example, to include the customer’s name, choose Person Concerning for the Category, choose Concerning Name for the value to insert, and then click Insert. This adds:

#[Concerning Name].

When you send the fax, this will be replaced with information for the person the fax is about.


When done, click the in the upper right corner to close the editor. When asked whether to save the changes, click Yes.

Receiving Faxes in Chronicle Once the Setup is Done

Once you’re done, with the fax setup, you’ll begin receiving incoming faxes on the Fax tab in the main program. From there, you can forward faxed to specific people and/or associate them with particular jobs, people or organizations. See Receiving Faxes for  more details.