Exporting Jobs to Xactimate

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To export a job to Xactimate:


Select the job you want to export on the Jobs, People, or Organizations tab.


Click Tools, and click Create an Xactimate Project.

If this option isn't on your Tools menu: This option is currently only available for ServiceMaster franchises; the non-ServiceMaster version of Xactimate doesn't support this feature. If you're a ServiceMaster franchise and this option isn't there, please email support@GoChronicle.com telling us your company name and that this option is missing. (We'll need to correct a setting on your server; this generally take less than 2 business days.)


The first time you use this option, enter the information needed to log into Xactimate. Click Next when done.

User Name/ Password: Xactimate usernames and passwords are case sensitive, so enter this information exactly as you enter it on the Xactimate log in screen. (If you aren't sure about your Xactimate User Name, log into Xactimate and see how it's entered on the login screen.)

Network Data Path: To just export the job to Xactimate on your local computer, leave the network path blank. To add the job to a network version of Xactimate, enter the network path. (If you aren't sure what this path is, talk to your network person.)


Chronicle will export the job to Xactimate and tell you when the process is complete.