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Entering Equipment

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If you want Chronicle to monitor who has particular equipment, you need to enter the equipment into Chronicle. Once the equipment is in Chronicle, then you associate the equipment with a person or job when it goes out, and disassociate it when it comes back. If you do this, then Chronicle lets you determine where all of your equipment is and how long it has been out.

Customizing Equipment Categories

Identify the equipment that you own and that you want to keep track of, and customize Chronicle’s equipment categories. This could include both equipment that is assigned to employees or equipment that is taken to job sites. For example:



Air movers


Staple guns





Moisture meters

Measuring tapes

Since equipment varies widely from business to business, you’ll likely need to customize the default categories if you haven’t done so already.

Adding Equipment


In the Main System Setup, click the Equipment tab.


On the Equipment tab, click Add. (Show/hide screen)


Fill in the entries on the Add screen. (Show/hide screen)

Category: This drop-down shows all of the equipment categories you’ve set up. You can add or edit the these categories in the Equipment Categories column.

Type: This shows all of the types or subcategories of equipment for the category you selected above. You can customize these subcategories in the Types of Production Equipment column.

# to Add: Indicate how many of this type of equipment to add.

Prefix: Adding a letter or two to the beginning of each number to identify the type of equipment simplifies your numbering scheme and makes it easier to locate equipment in Chronicle. We automatically fill in a prefix based on the initial letter(s) of the type (for example AM for Air Mover, D for Dehumidifier, and so on) but you can customize this prefix if you wish. You can enter up to 8 characters. You may want to use different prefixes if you have different models within a type of equipment. For example, if you had small, medium, and large air movers, you might use prefixes of AM-S, AM-M, and AM-L to distinguish. You can’t leave this entry blank.

Item Number: Enter the number of the piece of equipment that you want to add (or the starting number if you are adding multiple pieces of equipment at once).

ID Length: So equipment sorts correctly, all items should have the same length ID number. For example, if you have this set to 3 (or recommended setting), instead of number, 1, 2, 3..., Chronicle will number 001, 002, 003.... Only change this number if your equipment numbers are higher than 999 for a particular category.

Description: Chronicle automatically names the piece of equipment based on the prefix, item number (and length), and type of equipment. Generally there is no reason to adjust this name



Click Save & Close or Save & Add Another.

As soon as the equipment is added, Chronicle refreshes the list so you can see what you have.

Once you’re done setting equipment up, you can associate it with jobs or employees through the Items tab on the main Chronicle screen; see Tracking Equipment for more details.