Old Employee Bonus Report

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This report is still present in Chronicle, but it will be going away. It has been superceded by Chronicle's new Bonus Manager.


If you use Chronicle to track employee time and if you enter budget information, Chronicle can automatically determine whether employees are eligible for bonuses.

How Chronicle calculates bonuses

For every activity that the employee participated in, Chronicle evaluates whether the cost of the labor was more or less than what was budgeted for labor. If the employee worked faster and did the job for less than the budgeted amount, Chronicle adds to the employee's bonus; if the employee took more time than budgeted, it reduces the bonus amount.

For example, suppose an employee, Freddy Bolger, makes $12 per hour. Also suppose that he worked on these four activities with these amounts budgeted:


Labor Hours

Salary at $12 per hour

Amount budgeted for this activity's labor


Emergency Water Service















Carpet Replacement





Total Bonus


However, Chronicle lets you adjust the bonus amounts as needed when you produce the report. For example, suppose Freddy’s going over budget on the third line above was related to a problem beyond his control and so not something that his bonus should be reduced for. You would be able to adjust the bonus accordingly when you produced the report.

Generating the bonus report

Before you generate bonus reports, you must have entered employee pay rates (one-time setup), and you must have used the time keeper to enter employee work times. You must also have set up budgets for your jobs so Chronicle knows how much was budgeted, and you must have marked the activities as completed; until the activity is completed, Chronicle has no way of knowing whether more labor will be added for the activity, so it can't know if a bonus is due.

To generate bonus reports:


At the top of the screen, click the People tab.


Using the options at the far left, under Employees, click Active (or By Department).

This limits the list of people to active employees (or employees in your department) to make the people you need easier to find.


Check the box next to the name for each employee to print the bonus report for.


Click Tools, highlight Labor, and click Generate Labor Bonus.


For each employee, enter the date range to generate the report for and click Next.

Chronicle shows the report on the screen.


For each employee, review the bonus amounts.

To see the amount of bonus for each activity: Click the Activity tab, and click the activity; the amount budgeted, the labor cost, and the bonus are shown on the right.

To adjust the bonus amount for any activity: Click the Activity tab, and click the activity, and click Edit Adj. Enter the amount and the description. A positive amount gives the amount to the employee as additional bonus; a negative amount reduces the employee’s bonus.


Once the bonuses are correct, on the Activities tab, click Post Bonuses.

This records the bonuses as part of the job costs so the bonus amounts can be reflected on the job cost screen and the Profitability Snapshot.


To print the report, on the Activities tab, click Print.


When done, click the Next button or click the in the top right corner of the window to close the window.