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When I add certain entries, Chronicle asks for a Field Name. What is it asking for?

For entries that will collect additional information when the document is associated with a person or job, the field name is the text of the question to ask the user so the right information is entered.

Can I automatically include information collected in a survey in a document

Yes. On the Template Toolbar, choose Job for the Category, and choose Job Survey Question for the Insert Value, and click Insert. Chronicle asks which survey and which question to use.

What happens if you generate a letter and there is no corresponding category or information?

If there just is no corresponding information, Chronicle leaves the item blank. For example, if you indicate that the document should include the person’s address, but you just haven’t entered an address for the person, then Chronicle leaves that portion blank.

What happens if there are two pieces of information that correspond; which gets included?

If there are two matching pieces of information, Chronicle uses the first one it finds. For example, if you include a fax number in a document and a particular person has two fax numbers entered, Chronicle includes only the first fax number.

If I change the document template, does that affect documents that have already been created from it?

No, once a document is added to a job, it is part of the job record; changes to the template design only affect new documents.

If I add a document based on a template to a person or job and then update the information for the person or job, are those changes automatically reflected in the document?

No, once you add a document to the job, it is part of the job’s record; you want a record of what you actually sent, so the document doesn’t change after you add it. However, if you haven’t sent the document yet with the old information, you can simply delete it and add it again; when you re-add it, it will use the most recent information.

How does Chronicle determine who the doc is going to?

Chronicle can’t automatically determine this, so when you add the document to a person or job, Chronicle asks about this and any other information it needs.

What is the difference between the person ID and the person name ID?

The Person ID is the unique number assigned to the person in the database; the Person Name ID is the first four letters of the person’s last name followed be the first two letters of the first name.