Last Updated 8/9/14

Division Setup

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What Divisions are For

A division is a group of departments that you want to view together. For example, suppose, you have three offices, each with Water, Fire, and Mold departments. You have a total of nine production departments, but sometimes you might want to see information about all of production jobs in one office, or information about the Water jobs across all of the offices, and so on. Divisions let you define which departments you want to view together.

Each department can be in multiple divisions, so you can view your information in various ways.

You can currently view information by division on the Jobs tab on the Financial tab.

Getting to the Divisions Setup


Click on the Chronicle icon in the upper left corner of Chronicle. This is your tools list. Select Main System Setup

If Main System Setup isn’t in listed under Management Tools; see Adding Main System Setup to Your Tools List.


In the list of tabs on the left, click Divisions to get to the division setup. (Show/hide screen)

Adding or Changing Divisions

To add a division:


On the Division tab, press the Ins key or click New Division.


Type the name of the division, check the box next to each department to include in the division, and click OK. (Show/hide screen)

To rename a division: Double-click the division name in the list or click Edit Name above the list.

To change which departments are in the division: Click Change Division Departments. You’ll see a screen like the one for creating the division, but it doesn’t ask for a division name. Check each department to add; uncheck each department to remove.

Deleting Divisions

To delete a division:


On the list of divisions, select the division to remove.


Click the Delete button.


Chronicle asks you to confirm that you want to delete the division; click Yes.

Getting Deleted Divisions Back

Divisions are easy to create and it is just as easy to restore a division from the deleted list.


On the list of divisions, change the Active entry to Deleted.

This takes you to a list of deleted divisions.


Select the division to make active again.


Click the Undelete button.


To return to the list of active divisions, change the status back to Active.