Department Manager

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The Department Manager lets you see whether jobs are being completed on schedule. It also lets you find departments that are scheduled to start soon and jobs that have passed their scheduled completion date. For any area of concern, double-clicking takes you to a list of the corresponding jobs or activities.

Adding the Department Manager to the Tools List on Your Home Page


Go to your Home page in Chronicle.


On the top left of the Tools tab, click the Edit button.

This lets you control which tools are shown in your Tools list.


Under Management Tools, check the box by Department Manager, and then click Next at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll be taken back to the Home page and Department Manager will now be in your tools list.

Viewing the Departmental Overview


Go to your Home page in Chronicle and click Department Manager.


On the Department Manager screen, choose what to view:

Department View: Choose whether to see All active departments associated with any job, or whether to only see active departments that are associated to a particular Related Person. (If you choose related person, Chronicle will ask you to pick the person.) You might choose related person if you only wanted to see jobs for a particular manager or that are associated with a particular adjustor.

Department Type: Choose whether to see Production & Administrative departments, Production Only, or just Administration Only. The department setup instructions explain the difference between production and administrative departments, and how to mark a department as a production department.


Click Run Report.

You'll see a screen like the one shown below.

Getting More Detail

To see how long jobs have been in a particular category: Click any number in any of the Department columns. A table appears at the bottom of the screen that shows how many jobs are in that category for various date ranges. Double-click any number in that table for the corresponding list of jobs.

For a list of jobs that any total is based on: Double-click any number in any of the Department columns. Chronicle will show the corresponding list of jobs on the Jobs tab.

For a list of activities in any category: Double-click any number in any of the Activities columns. Chronicle will show the corresponding list of activities on the Activities tab. You can also get more information about activities through the Activity Manager.