9.0.0 Release Notes

Chronicle has many new features!

  • A NEW Work in Progress report has been added to the Job Manager so that you can get a feel for the job's financials as it moves through production IN REAL TIME!
  • We have given the Financials tab in the Job Manager a makeover! It now easier to view, use, and provides additional columns of data.
  • The layout of the Labor Manager has a new feel to it making it easier to view labor records.
  • The Picture Manager now displays thumbnails. No longer do you have to scroll to see all pictures one by one. Now you can view many at a time.
  • Our new Jupiter Bridge gives you greater control over your financial data. Including running the bridge yourself, seeing credit memos in Chronicle, and it twice as fast as the old bridge. Please contact support if you are interested in upgrading!
  • We have integrated with Logikos to bring you automated equipment and vehicle tracking that not only makes tracking where your equipment is easier, but also tracking the cost of that equipment on each job. No more manual tracking!
  • Audit Logs: Before you could only audit changes for various areas of the program. Now you can now view all the changes made by an employee using a link called "audit log of changes made by this person" found in the employee's person file.
  • And of course, we have made many customer requested product enhancements and fixed many miscellaneous bugs.


Program Enhancements:

  • Added site name filed as a column choice to the Job Manager and the Collections Manager.
  • When creating an event the user now has a scheduler option to view the activity or the location after the customer name on the event in the calendar grid.
  • Now able to export office description information to Excel.

Miscellaneous Fixes:

  • The Financial Tab's Average Age calculation is now calculating correctly.
  • Revenue fields no longer include the taxes.


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