Last Updated 6/14/14


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City Name Cleanup

Chronicle stores the names of all of the cities that you've used in your addresses. Particularly for those who have been using Chronicle for a long time, sometimes cities got entered with incorrect spellings or the same city name was entered multiple ways. The City/Zip/Region tab in the Main System Setup lets you clean up duplicate or misspelled city names.

Adding a City: You can't add cities to the list here. Chronicle automatically adds cities to the list when you use them in any address.

Removing a City: If a city is in the list more than once, most often because it has been misspelled, you can remove the incorrect versions. However, if you remove a city that has been used in addresses, Chronicle will ask you to pick the city name to use instead in the existing addresses.

Editing a City Name: Click Edit City Name or double-click any city name in the list to change the name. If you correct a city name here, that change is reflected in every address where that city name has been used.

Viewing Addresses Where City is used: You can toggle between showing or hiding the addresses in the database that use the particular city name by clicking the Show/Hide Addresses Where City is Used button.

Zip/Postal Codes

Chronicle uses a database for most US zip codes to auto fill in the city name when the zip code is typed when adding an address. This setting lets you change the default city that Chronicle fills in when you type that zip code. You normally do not need to do anything on this table unless a zip code changes or happens to be incorrect for a particular city in your region. When you put in a zip code that is not on this list, Chronicle will automatically add that new zip code to this list along with the city name you used in the address.



Chronicle also remembers Canadian postal codes. As you add addresses to your database, the first entry of a new postal code will prompt you to put in the City and the Province. Chronicle then adds that new postal code and city to this list. Once you type the final character of the postal code the next time you use it in an address, Chronicle will automatically fill in the city and province for you. If the code or default city were entered incorrectly, you must go to the Main System Setup on the City/Zip/Region tab to correct it.


To change the city for any existing addresses you must use the City Name Cleanup tab.

Defining and Searching by Regions

In addition to being able to search for people and jobs by email or city, Chronicle now lets you define regions based on zip/postal codes. You can define these regions in the Main System Setup. You can add zip codes to a group either by manually typing in the zips to add, or by picking a state and county.


If you are manually typing zips to add, separate values with spaces or commas. You can also use a hyphen to add a range of values.

To include more than one county in a group, use Add Region to create the group and add the first county, and then click Add Zips to this Region to add zips from other counties to the group.

Searching by Regions

There are several places where you can search by the regions that you define here:

The Job Financial view in the Job Manager lets you limit the list to jobs in a particular region or zip. This is particularly useful in evaluating your marketing since you can not only see numbers of jobs in each region but also the amount of profit from those jobs.

The new Category & Region query on the People tab lets you find all people who are also in a particular region. For example, you might use this to find all agents or adjustors in a particular county. This is particularly useful when you are trying to set up marketing groups or make marketing contact in particular areas.

The new Region & Date Range query on the Jobs tab lets you find all jobs in a region for the date range you specify.