Last Updated 4/27/14

Category & Subcategory Setup

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Category setup lets you define the various types of people, jobs, job sources, organizations, skills, key dates, marketing expenses, etc. that you want to track in Chronicle and categories are how Chronicle stores this information. The categories should not be too specific i.e. a person's name but rather should be general groupings of information i.e agent. Most of the drop down lists that you see in Chronicle draw contents from the Category and Subcategory setup. A drop down list should ideally have only one possible answer for the information you are putting in. If you have two possible answers in a drop down list then you should take a look at your category setup and consider refining it.

 Getting to the Category Setup


Click on the Chronicle icon in the upper left corner of Chronicle. This is your tools list. Select Main System Setup

If Main System Setup isn’t in listed under Management Tools; see Adding Main System Setup to Your Tools List.


In the tabs on the left, click Categories. (Show/hide screen)


Click the Categories tab and pick the Category Type to add to or change Categories or Subcategories.

Each Category Type and our initial settings are discussed below:

Company Office Locations Categories

Group Types Categories

Job Categories

Job Document Subfolders Categories [not fully functional]

Job Feedback Sources Categories

Job Feedback Types Categories

Job Source Categories

Key Dates Categories

Marketing Expenses Categories

Mass Communication Types Categories [not fully functional]

Organization Categories

People Categories

Skills Categories

Task Categories

The Category Tree

Categories must be grouped under a category type. For example, there is a category type called 'marketing expenses' and then under that there are the expense categories of meals, gifts, entertainment, etc. You can further split up the categories into subcategories such as flowers and candy for the gift category. This gives you a way to sort for how many boxes of chocolates and the cost were delivered for a given time frame.

Adding Categories


Click the New Category button above the list. (Show/hide screen)


Type the category’s name and press enter (or click OK) (Show/hide screen)


Chronicle creates a default subcategory with the same name as the category. If you wish to create a subcategory with a different name, simply select edit and type the name and press enter (or click OK). (Show/hide screen)

Chronicle requires at least one subcategory. If you don’t have any, press enter to accept the category name for the subcategory; this is what Chronicle automatically fills in. If this category has several subcategories, enter the first.


If you have additional subcategories, click the Add Subcategory button on the top of the subcategory list on the right side of the screen.

All of the subcategories that you’ve added so far are listed on the right


Repeat the above steps until you’ve added all of the categories that you need.

Deleting Categories or Subcategories You Don’t Need

If our standard list contains categories you don’t plan to use, delete them. This simplifies the lists your users see and prevents inconsistencies that disrupt finding the information you need. For example, in Subcontractors under Organizations, if you want all of your framing and carpentry subcontractors under the General subcategory, delete our Framing and Carpentry subcategories. This prevents your ending up with some contractors in one category and others in another. (If this happened, neither would give you a complete list.)

If possible, eliminate categories that you don’t need before people start using Chronicle. This may require some discussion with your managers about how you want to categorize the different types of organizations you work with. However, a clear plan up front will help you find and analyze information more effectively later.


In the list of categories or subcategories, click the item to delete.


Click the Delete button at the top of the list.


Chronicle asks if you want to delete the category; click Yes.

Getting Deleted Categories Back

When you delete a category in Chronicle, it isn’t really deleted; it’s just made inactive so you don’t see it. To make a deleted category visible again:


On the list of categories, change the Active entry to Deleted.

This lists deleted categories.


Select the category to make active again.


Click the Undelete button.


Chronicle asks you to confirm that you want to make the category active again; click Yes.


To return to the list of active categories, change the status back to Active.