Last Updated 7/28/14

Scheduler Settings

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In the main system setup Chronicle gives you some control over how the calendar will work for all users.  


Can users create events that aren’t assigned to any resource?

When you create an event, more often than not, you will associate that event with a job. Sometimes you do not know who will be available to work on that event until the day before. Using this setting, Chronicle will allow you to create events that are unassigned i.e. you have not yet told Chronicle which employee will be going out on that job but the event is schedule. If you choose to not allow unassigned events, you must also associate at least one employee to the event. In the scheduler, you are able to view all unassigned events.


You can set the length of your workday. The scheduler will then display a lighter color on the calendar gird for those hours of the day.

Warn if changing an event

These settings affect how you want to be notified if an event on the scheduler was changed. This is critical when you are importing labor hours from the scheduler into the labor manager for job costing purposes.