Associating Equipment with Jobs

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Last Updated 7\21\14

Once you've added your equipment to Chronicle, the next step is to assign it to particular jobs or employees.  To do this:


At the top of the main screen, click the Equipment tab.


Type in the Locate entry, or click an option under Available on the left to generate a list of available equipment.


Check the box next to each item to associate.

Just clicking the item name in the list isn't enough; you must put a check in the box. You can check as many items as you need to.


After you've checked all the items to associate, click Move Item.


Choose the job to move the equipment to. If needed, adjust the date/time at the bottom of the screen. Then click Next.

The bottom of this screen also lets you change the date and time that the equipment is being associated with the job. (This is always initially set to the current date and time.) If you are billing for equipment on an hourly or daily rate, having the exact date and time may be important. If you are only concerned with whether the equipment is out or checked in, the exact date and time don't matter.


If you are associating the equipment with a job, Chronicle brings up a list of people on your resource list.

To indicate which employee is taking the equipment to the job site, check a name. Checking a name here does NOT associate the item with the employee; it only provides a record in the item's history. If you were to go to the person's panel and look at the items associated with the person, you wouldn't see the equipment there; the only equipment there is equipment that you chose to move to that person. (To later see who you checked here, double-click the item on the list of items, click the item history tab, and then click the corresponding piece of history. You might use this if an item never got picked up and you wanted to see who was responsible for it.

It's OK to just click Next to continue without checking anything here if you don't care who took the item to the site.

Remember to mark the equipment as returned when it comes back in.