Assigning Tasks

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A task is a specific action that is assigned to a particular person. This could be related to a specific job (like "sheetrock walls for Laketown job" or "call Tom B to get estimate" ), or it could be something that isn't related like taking a vehicle in for servicing or attending a staff meeting. Tasks sometimes correspond to activities, but they don't always.


At the top of the screen, click the Tasks tab.


Click New Task.

There are also options for creating tasks on your home page.


Indicate whether the task is For Yourself or For another (that is, for someone else).

If the task is for someone else, pick the person it's for.


Chronicle brings up a task screen.

Enter a subject and adjust the due date if needed.

To associate a customer/job with the task: Click Associate Customer, and then pick the person just as you do elsewhere in Chronicle. If you associate a customer, then when the task is completed, a record of the fact is added to the customer’s journal.

To assign a different employee to the task: To remove the selected employee, at the bottom of the screen, click Disassociate. To assign a new employee, click Associate Employee.


Click Save & Close to finish the process.

Once you've assigned tasks, you can monitor their status at any time.