Last Updated 7\21\14

Assigning Email Addresses to Employees

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After you’ve setup your global email account information, you can assign any email address at that domain name to any user in Chronicle. For example, if your domain name is, you could give a user the email address of or or anything else that ends with

Each employee can have as many addresses as you want. (For example, and could both go to the same person).

Adopting a Consistent Naming Scheme

We recommend choosing a consistent way to assign email addresses to employees. For example, the address for Sam Gamgee could begin with sam or sgamgee or sam_gamgee or any of a number of variations. Any of these could be acceptable, but you (and your customers) will find it easiest to remember people’s email addresses if you use the same naming scheme for everyone.

Setting Up the Address in Chronicle

We recommend setting up email addresses for all employees at once when you do your initial setup. However, you can add or change email addresses at any time.

You must add the employee before you can assign an email address to that person.

Adding the email address when you’re adding the person

When adding the person, on the Phone tab, enter the email address you want the person to have in the email entry.

To assign more than one address to the person, see the following instructions.

Adding the email address after you’ve added the person


At the top of the screen, click the People tab.


Select the person in the list of people.

For all active employees: In the list options at the left, under Employees, click Active.


Double click to open the person file.


On the General tab, click Add/Edit under Phone, Fax & Email.


Click Add and pick type of communication you are adding, in this case pick email.


Enter the address in the Email Address field and then click OK.

You can also add a description, set email as the default email account for Chronicle to use for this person.


Repeat steps 4–6 for each email address you want to enter for this person.

Having One Email Automatically Go To Several People

If you assign the same address to more than one person, everyone that you assign that address to will get mail sent to that address. For example, if you created a general address for customer feedback (something like, you might assign this address to the owner and all managers; this would let all management see what customers had to say. This can be useful for other general addresses of this sort.

Indicating Who Should Review Email that Doesn’t Match Anyone’s Address

You should also set up one person to receive all email that comes in that doesn’t match any address that you have set up. To do this, choose the person who should review this email (it might be a secretary or it might be one of your managers) and assign the email address to that person (in addition to the person’s regular addresses).

This person can then review this inappropriately addressed email and then respond or forward the email as appropriate.

Rather than having this mail go into the mail administrator’s main mailbox, you might want to create an extra person with a name of something like Mail Administrator (and a category of Associate); this lets the mail administrator keep the undirected mail separate from other email, and it also makes it possible for multiple people to be able to monitor this mail.