Adding Organizations (Companies)

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An organization is any company that you do business with. Insurance companies, agencies, subcontractors, vendors that you buy supplies from, the company that services your vehicles—these are all organizations. A company that is a customer would also be entered as an organization.

Adding a New Organization


At the top of the screen, click the Organizations tab.


Click New Organization. (You may want to search first to make sure the organization isn't already in Chronicle.)


Enter the organization’s name and category and click OK. (Show/hide screen)

Description: If the type of organization isn’t obvious from the Name and Category, add a description. Otherwise leave this entry blank.

Category: Pick the type of organization. The categories that you see here depend on what you have set up on the Categories tab in the main setup.

Subcategory: This only appears if the category you picked has subcategories.


Enter information for the first office for this organization. (Show/hide screen)

If an organization has multiple offices, it doesn’t matter which you enter first.

For each office, you must enter a description or an address (or both).

Office Description: Chronicle identifies offices by address, but sometimes additional description is helpful. For example, for an insurance agency, the name of the primary agent might go in the description (e.g., Bob Smith Agency). If you don’t know the office’s address, you must fill in a description (e.g., Main office, Fire Claims Office, etc.).

Physical Address: Enter the office’s address. When you enter a valid US zip, Chronicle automatically fills in the city and state below. (You can edit the city if needed.)

Cross Street/Directions: If employees ever need to drive to this office, you can fill these in if you wish.

Mailing Address: If the office’s mailing address differs from the physical address, change this and additional entries will appear.

Once you click OK, the organization and office are saved. Additional information is added or changed just as for existing organizations on the Organization/Office Detail screen.


On the Contacts tab for the new office, add phone/fax numbers and associated people.

To add phone/fax numbers: Click the Add/Edit button above the phone/fax/email list.

To associate people who haven’t been entered into Chronicle: Click the New Person button above the list of associated people.

To associate people who have already been entered into Chronicle: Click Associate Existing Person above the people list and then find the person to associate. To find a person, you must type at least three letters of the person’s name.


Close the Organization window when done.

All information is automatically saved as you enter it.

If the organization you’re entering a customer,  the Job Entry screens automatically come up next; see Adding a Job.