Adding Documents that Include Job or Customer Info

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To add a document that includes job or customer information, you must first set up a template that indicates what information from Chronicle you want to include in the document. Once you have done this, you can then add the document to the appropriate jobs or people and Chronicle will insert the appropriate information into the document.

To do this:


At the top of the screen, click the Jobs tab.

This assumes you're adding a document related to a job; if the document is related to a person, go to the Person page instead.


If the job you need isn't shown in the list, use one of the options on the left to view the appropriate list of jobs, and then click the job to select it.

For example, to list all pending jobs, click By Status, pick the department name and then pick Pending.


Once the appropriate job is highlighted in the list of jobs, click Go, highlight Document, and click Add New.


Chronicle asks which department the document is associated with. Click and choose the department from the list; you must pick the same department that you created the template for. Click Next to continue.  (Show/hide screen)


If you are scanning a required document: Ignore the Document type entry and just pick the required document name from the Title entry. (The required document setup specifies what type of document the document is; if you indicated when setting up the required document that the document was to be based on a document template, Chronicle automatically chooses that here. If you choose the required document name and the program doesn't fill in Department Template for the Document type, then the required document isn't set up to use a template.)

If the document is not a required document: For Document type, choose Department Template. For the Title, enter any description that accurately identifies the document.


Indicate which template to use. (Show/hide screen)


If you need to manually enter or change any information in the document, do that just as you would in any other word processor.


When done, pick Save from the File menu, and then click the in the upper right corner of the window to close the document.