Adding Documents or Journal Entries to Folders

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Go to the appropriate list of folders. (Show/hide screen)

For departmental folders: At the top of the screen, click the Departments tab, click the department that the folder was created for, click Options, and then click Folders.

For your own folders: On the Home Page, click the Go button, and then click Folders.


Click the folder that you want to add a document or journal entry for.


Click Options, highlight Journal (or Documents), and click Add New.


Add the journal or document just as you would elsewhere in Chronicle.


When done, click the in the upper right corner of the window to close the folder window.

To see the documents or journal entries that you have added to the folder

Either click Options, highlight Journal (or Documents), and click View Existing, or click the Documents or Journal buttons at the bottom of the screen. (Show/hide screen)

These buttons only appear if you have added something in these categories. For example, you don't see the Documents button if you haven't added any documents to the folder. They also don't appear the first time you add something until you have closed the screen and come back in. For example, when you add your first document to the folder, the Documents button doesn't immediately appear; you must close the folders window and then open it again before the button appears. However, as noted above, until the button appears, you can still use the Options menu.